Jaguar is an automotive brand of Jaguar Land Rover, a multinational British vehicle manufacturer who produces luxury sedan and sports utility vehicles. These automobiles are manufactured with a sleek exterior design, top-of-the-line interior comforts, and high-quality technical features, which makes it a highly-respected brand. Of all of the high-tech features, Jaguars are equipped with a function known as limp mode. Let’s take a closer look.

Limp Mode in Your Jaguar

It is always a huge concern to drivers when something malfunctions with their vehicle, especially while driving. One serious concern among drivers is when the electronic computer module signals a problem by illuminating a dashboard light, specifically, a red light indicating that limp mode has been activated.

Limp mode is a safety feature that activates when a specific unit, such as the engine or transmission, detects a problem. Limp mode results in less important functions of the vehicle no longer working, such as the air conditioning. It also reduces the vehicle’s speed to protect itself from further damage.

If limp mode is activated while you are driving and you cannot get to a trusted Jaguar shop in a matter of a couple of miles, it is imperative that you pull over to a safe location and not continue driving your vehicle, as this can result in more costly damage.

What causes Jaguars to go into limp mode?

There are several reasons these high-tech automobiles can go into limp mode, including:

Warning Signs Associated with Limp Mode Activation

Symptoms of limp mode activation vary depending on the system that has been affected. One of the most common and most obvious signs of an activated limp mode in Jaguar is an illuminated dashboard light, specifically the check engine light. This is often the result of faulty transmission wiring in your Jaguar.

In addition, the following are commonly reported symptoms among Jaguar drivers:

  • A reduced rev limit as a result of a poorly-functioning engine boost control
  • Decreased engine performance as the result of faulty engine sensors
  • Restricted functions
  • Maximum shifting to 3rd gear due to faulty engine wiring

How can I get my Jaguar out of limp mode?

If you are driving your Jaguar and experience limp mode, you must pull over into a safe location as soon as possible. Turn the engine of your vehicle off and allow it to remain off for at least one full minute before attempting to restart it. Allowing your vehicle a moment to reset before restarting it will often reset the limp mode, allowing you to operate your Jaguar normally to bring it in for inspection.

If this does not successfully restart your vehicle taking it out of limp mode, it is not recommended to continue driving. Experts will advise you to have your Jaguar towed to a trusted mechanic to be examined.

If restarting your vehicle does successfully reset the safe mode, mechanics still recommend having your vehicle assessed as soon as possible to determine the underlying cause of limp mode activation and to fix the problem and avoid it happening again.

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