That luxurious sensation of comfort and reliability when you start up your Mercedes is a unique experience. If your engine does not respond in the usual way when you turn the ignition, or if it stalls entirely, these could be signs of a problem with the ignition coil.

The ignition coil, sometimes called a spark coil, in your Mercedes engine is designed to last about 100,000 miles. Eventually the coil will wear with time, but occasionally it can happen prematurely due to damage.

Newer Mercedes models encase the ignition coil in a hard plastic cover for protection, making them more durable and hardwearing. If your ignition coil is faulty, it cannot be repaired. It will need to be replaced.

What is an ignition coil?

The ignition coil, also called the spark coil, is a compact electrical transformer within the ignition system of your Mercedes engine. The function of this coil is to transform the relatively low voltage from your 12V car battery into the thousands of volts needed to get the spark plugs to spark and ignite the fuel, essentially getting the engine started.

Most Mercedes Benz models have a twin spark ignition system, two spark plugs receiving power from one ignition coil.

Causes of a Faulty Ignition Coil

The ignition coil in your Mercedes is designed for durability and to withstand wear and tear but the coil can fail prematurely due to any of these reasons:

  • faulty spark plugs or plug wires causing damage to the ignition coil
  • fuel-to-oxygen mixture of the engine is too rich or too lean
  • engine heat and vibrations can cause damage to ignition coils

Symptoms of a Faulty Ignition in a Mercedes

  • Difficulty starting car: This can be the first indicator that the ignition coil in your Mercedes is defective. If the spark plug is not getting the required voltage to spark the engine it will result in your Mercedes engine failing to turn over when you switch on the ignition.
  • Engine Misfires: If the ignition coil is faulty your engine will misfire which manifests as a jolting, faltering sensation in your Mercedes car when driving normally. It can lead to diminished acceleration and feel like you are losing power. When parked with the engine idling it can vibrate, shake, and become noisy when misfiring.
  • Engine Backfires: That loud bang of an engine backfiring is a sure sign that there is a problem with your Mercedes Benz. It could be caused by a number of issues but one of the more common reasons is a failing ignition coil. If you ignore this symptom you are asking for trouble as backfiring can lead to significant further damage of your Mercedes engine.
  • Poor Fuel Economy: There could be a number of reasons for your Mercedes guzzling more gas than usual. If the ignition coil has been intermittently failing over time, the spark plugs will not get enough power. This causes the ignition system to try to compensate by injecting more fuel.
  • Check Engine Light: This warning signal in your Mercedes dashboard should never be ignored. In the case of a defective ignition coil, the engine will alert you via the check engine light.

Diagnosing a Faulty Ignition Coil

Testing an ignition coil yourself can be dangerous without the necessary expertise. If you think the ignition coil in your Mercedes Benz is failing or defective and your motor is exhibiting any of the symptoms listed above, it is time to bring your motor to a motor mechanic for immediate attention. When you bring your Mercedes to our professional garage, we will use a device to perform an onboard diagnostics check to identify the error code and the underlying problem.

Your Mercedes engine needs an efficient ignition coil to perform at its optimum. Replacing the ignition coil at the recommended time may help you avoid further issues.

Vaughan Automotive Will Replace Your Mercedes Ignition Coil

Our Mercedes technicians are on hand to check Mercedes Ignition Coil Replacement the ignition coil of your engine with a calibrated ignition spark tester and to carry out onboard diagnostic testing. We can diagnose and repair any issue with your Mercedes ignition system.

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