The VANOS system of your BMW is a central mechanism that determines how your car’s engine is going to function and its efficiency. Therefore, it is important that all BMW users know how they can identify or prevent failure in their VANOS system.

Let’s dive into the diagnostic process for a VANOS system, check out the known causes of failure in the system, and what to do when you discover a malfunction in your BMW.

What Purpose Does VANOS System Serve

For us to have a good understanding of the factors that may result in a malfunction on BMW’s VANOS system, we must first try to understand what a VANOS system is and how it works.

Variable camshaft timing is possible with the VANOS technology, as its name suggests when the word VANOS is translated. To put it another way, as the speed of your BMW changes, the system shifts between the engine’s cam and cam gear, adjusting the rate with which air and fuel gain entry into the engine. It compels the intake cam to put in ideal amounts of air and fuel based on the RPM of your car, allowing it to run more effectively.

The Most Common Reasons for a Failed VANOS System

Solenoid clogging and o-ring failures are the most common causes of VANOS system failure. The VANOS system manipulates the vehicle’s cams using pistons, which are sealed with rubber o-rings. These o-rings eventually deteriorate because they are subjected to high pressures, high temperatures, and corrosive substances over time. This will disable the VANOS system’s pistons, perhaps resulting in engine failure. As a result, if o-ring failure is not detected and addressed in a timely manner, it can be disastrous.

Clogged solenoids might potentially cause the VANOS system in your BMW to fail. The solenoid is a small electromagnetic valve that allows the VANOS to function between both the cam and the cam gear by pushing oil through it. Solenoids, like all oil-based vehicle components, can become filthy and blocked over time. The solenoids will fail if the build-up becomes too severe, rendering the VANOS system unusable. Again, this could have catastrophic effects on the engine of your vehicle.

How to Tell If Your Car’s VANOS System is Failing

Check Engine Light

Fortunately, a faulty VANOS system can be identified by a number of distinct symptoms. The check engine light is frequently illuminated as the main sign of failure in the VANOS system.

The VANOS system is so important to the engine’s operation because any malfunctions with it usually cause the check engine light to illuminate rapidly, although check engine light can illuminate for a variety of reasons. However, if your vehicle’s check engine light comes on for no apparent reason, you should bring it to our expert BMW repair shop immediately.

Poor Fuel Efficiency

This another common indicator of failure in the VANOS system. Your vehicle will be unable to effectively manage its fuel consumption if the VANOS system is failing. As a result, it may begin to consume more fuel than usual.

Poor Engine Output

At the same time, your vehicle’s engine may splutter and accelerate slowly as it struggles to push larger volumes of fuel through into the exhaust cam.

As a result, if you experience any of these symptoms, alone or in combination, there’s a likelihood your BMW’s VANOS system has started to fail.

Vaughan Automotive Can Help Fix Your BMW’s

The VANOS system is complicated machinery in BMWs. As a result, if you observe any fault in the VANOS system, you’ll BMW Faulty VANOS System Repair want it inspected and repaired by BMW experts who know your model inside and out. At Vaughan Automotive, our mechanics are experienced in the repair and maintenance of your BMWs and European makes and models.

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