BMW is one of the leading European luxury car brands in the market and they have excellent manual and automatic transmission vehicles that are designed with superior performance in mind. Generally, all vehicles are designed to need certain fluids for their optimum performance, and for manual transmissions, the clutch fluid is one of the key fluids that they need to function properly. It is good that you carry out adequate maintenance of your car by changing all the fluids at intervals.

Clutch Fluid

The clutch fluid in BMWs usually lasts for a long time and unlike most other car fluids, they are often ignored by drivers. This fluid helps the clutch system to perform well by making your vehicle change between gears smoothly. The clutch system is made up of a master cylinder, slave cylinder, reservoir, and some tubes. The clutch fluid runs through all these parts and if the fluid is in good shape, then all these components would aid your gear shifting. However, since no car fluid lasts forever, changing of clutch fluid becomes a necessity.

Changing Clutch Fluid

You may wonder why you should change the fluid. If there is a leak in your BMW clutch system, the fluid level will drop and you would need to refill the system. Clutch fluid can absorb moisture, thereby lowering the boiling point of the liquid. This moisture-filled fluid has the potential to corrode metallic components. It can corrode the cylinders, pipes, and other metal components in the clutch system.

What is the purpose of the clutch fluid?

Manual transmission vehicles have a clutch system that is regulated by a master cylinder and slave cylinder, both of which are lubricated by clutch fluid. When you depress the clutch pedal, fluid is pumped from the master cylinder into the slave cylinder, putting strain on the throw-out bearing. This allows the clutch to be disengaged from the flywheel and change gears.

Does clutch fluid really need to be changed?

Technically, you should only change your car’s clutch fluid whenever there is a problem with the clutch system. If you truly want to take care of your automobile, you can change the fluid every two years to keep it fresh. Since debris can enter the system, the fluid would have to be checked as frequently as the brake fluid. While many people will say that the clutch operation is a “closed system,” meaning no need for changing the fluid unless a leak is observed, it is a good idea to check it every now and then for leaks.

Problems Caused by Clutch Fluid Leaks

Although it is normal to top up the clutch fluid every now and then, you should pay attention and ensure that your clutch is operating correctly. If it isn’t, you can check if there is a minor leak coming from the master cylinder, either from a clutch pedal or behind the hood. In this instance, both the fluid and master cylinder must be replaced.

If your clutch stops working entirely and you can’t change into gear or start the car, then the slave cylinder is most likely to blame. In that instance, you should replace the part and bleed or replace the fluid.

Benefits of a Clutch Fluid Change

The major benefit of changing your clutch fluid regularly is that it allows you to have a seamless gear shift. When the clutch fluids are fresh, the clutch system will perform at its best. But when the fluid becomes dirty, sludgy, and black, it can affect your BMW’s gear shifting performance.

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