It can be very frustrating and uncomfortable to have your BMW constantly pulling to one side while driving. It becomes very difficult to concentrate on driving safely when you’re continually pulling your wheel right or left to stay in a straight line. The feeling is even worse when you do not really understand why you are having such an uncomfortable driving experience.

In this article, we will enlighten you on some of the reasons why your car may pull to one side while you are driving and what you should do when you find yourself in that situation.

Wheel Misalignment

Misaligned wheels are amongst the most common reasons why your BMW pulls to one side while you are driving. Wheel alignment is usually influenced by driving circumstances; whether it steers to the side with time or you strike a particularly nasty pothole, it has to be inspected on a frequent basis.

Wheel alignment means that your axles and wheels form a rectangle, which is parallel to one another and sits at a perfect point to the road. You need a qualified technician to help you align your axles and your wheels to form the rectangle and then change the suspension settings to affect your wheel position.

When Should You Have Your Wheels Aligned?

We always recommend getting your wheels aligned each time you change your tires for the season.

If your wheels were recently aligned and you are still experiencing a pull to one side while driving, here are some other reasons why this may occur:

Roads Are Never Constructed Perfectly Level

Another reason why your car might pull to one side is that roads are never constructed perfectly level. Almost all roads have a modest incline to the side in which the drainage is situated. You need to have your BMW worked on by a professional, as this slope will be taken into consideration when calculating alignment.

Your Tire’s Air Pressure Is Not Consistent

Sometimes adding some air is all that is required. Tire pressure varies while you drive, so it’s possible that one of your tires may have less pressure than the rest at some point. If you notice your vehicle tugging to one side, the very first thing you should do is to inspect the tire pressure and add extra if required.

If that solves your problem, great! But if not, then it may be a more serious issue. You need to allow a professional to carry out a proper check on your BMW.

Tire Conicity

This is an issue that occurs during the manufacturing process of a tire. Occasionally, during the production process, one of the parts is produced incorrectly, causing the tread rubber of the tire to solidify in a small cone form rather than the normal cylinder shape. This causes your vehicle to pull towards the side of the bad tire.

If you detect a pull soon after having your tires replaced, it may be a manufacturing defect causing the problem. Bring your vehicle to us so that we may look into the issue more closely.

Uneven Wear On Your Brakes

If you notice that your BMW  is dragging when you are braking, it could be a result of a stuck caliper. Stuck calipers, which commonly make grinding noises, are examples of brake-caused pulling issues. Calipers deliver pressure to the brake pads, so if one gets caught in the middle, your brakes will tend to wear unevenly.

Brakes are extremely crucial in slick winter and spring weather, so if you discover anything unusual about your brakes, call us straight away.

Bring Your BMW To Vaughan Automotive If It Is Pulling to One Side

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