As far as luxury cars go, there are few that are as fun to drive as a BMW. Purchasing a BMW is an investment in exceptional craftsmanship that promises many happy years of motoring in return.

BMW motors have many unique engineering design features. Their suspension system is different to other vehicles. Designed for premium comfort and safety, the BMW suspension system has components that allow for a much more extensive range of movement than the regular motor suspension system.

Because it is a little bit more complex, this means that small issues with your suspension can lead to bigger and more expensive problems. Hearing unusual noises from clicks to creaks to squeaks can be the first indicator of suspension trouble and it is a good idea to get it checked out as soon as possible.

The BMW Suspension System

The suspension system of a BMW works hard to support both road handling and ride quality, and it is made up of various moving parts including the coils, coil over springs, sway bars and shocks. Some BMW models incorporate adaptive suspension which adapts to driver style and road condition.

If any element of the suspension system becomes defective other parts come under extra pressure and the additional strain will accelerate the wear and tear of these components.

Common Causes of a Noisy Suspension

Sometimes a noisy suspension is simply caused by poor lubrication. The suspension system of your BMW is made up of various metal parts, like shocks and tie rods. These need to be well-oiled to prevent them from making harsh noises when absorbing impact on the vehicle from the road.

The main difficulty presented by noisy suspension as a symptom of a defective part is that the noise is often intermittent. The following list describes the various sounds you might hear under specific conditions in order to help identify the likely culprit within the system.

  • Taking a weight off: Shocks or struts can cause clunky noises when unloading a weight from the car when the pressure is released from the suspension. This is when the faulty shocks or struts make noise.
  • Taking corners: If you hear a squeaking noise when turning a hard left or right, this can be a sign of worn ball joints.
  • Going over bumps: When you’re driving over a speed bump or uneven terrain, a knocking sound can indicate a problem with the struts. A creaking noise is more likely to be a sign the suspension bushes are worn out. A sharper clanking sound like metal-on-metal can also be a sign that the rubber bushes are eroded.

How to Check for Suspension Problems

  • Listen: If there are unusual sounds coming from the suspension of your BMW, it is important to isolate the noise and also take note of when it occurs. This will help your mechanic identify the cause more easily. Take your BMW for a test drive with the windows open and the radio off. Check for noises under different conditions, like turning right and left and going over speed bumps. Make a note of when the noises occur.
  • Look: Examine your BMW visually. Park the car in a flat area and turn off the engine. Ensure the hand brake is on and take a look at the car. Check to see if it sags on one side or appears to lean to one side or the other. Watch out for hydraulic fluid leaking from your suspension or grease and dirt on struts and shocks.
  • Feel: If any part of your suspension is failing, you might feel that driving your BMW is not the smooth experience you’ve come to expect. It can feel bumpy or rough when you are driving compared to the smooth ride BMW usually delivers.
  • Test: Carry out a bounce test. To do this, press down firmly with the full weight of your body on the hood of your car and then release. If it bounces back a number of times before resting, this is a sign of a defect in the suspension system. The bounce test can be repeated on the rear of the vehicle.

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