It’s widely known that if you take care of your automobile, it will take care of you. A well-maintained car provides top performance and dependability, not only getting you from point A to point B on time but also making you enjoy the journey.

While certain vehicles are built to be more durable than others, brands such as Land Rover are not immune to minor failures. Without proper care, parts like the HDC will begin to fail. In this post, we’ll look at how to recognize HDC system failure and what it means for your Land Rover.

HDC System

Land Rovers are equipped with essential safety measures to guarantee that your driving experience is not only enjoyable but also safe. The Hill Descent Control or HDC System is an example of a safety system used by Land Rover. This high-tech driving assistance functions by monitoring your Land Rover’s speed as it traverses inclines, reducing the speed. Nobody wants to careen down a slope out of control; therefore, keeping the HDC system in excellent operating condition is critical.

Since HDC is an electronic measuring system, it is possible to discover glitches that the driver can easily iron out. The HDC can display warnings and cautions about its condition on the dashboard. We all know better not to disregard caution lights on the dashboard because they are the easiest warning signs.  But how do you understand what the HDC is attempting to tell you about its state? Because not all error warnings indicate system failure, there are certain fast remedies you may do to keep yourself safe.

Decrease your speed!

HDC is not intended for racing, but rather for safe road use. As a result, the HDC will only work at safe downward driving speeds of less than 31mph. You may alter the presets to suit your needs, but if you don’t, the HDC will briefly disconnect while going above 31 mph downhill. The notification “HDC Not Available: Speed Too High” will appear on your HDC. Simply reduce your speed to the level in which the HDC can work to correct this. However, if you drive downward at speeds faster than 50mph, the HDC will disengage completely and must be switched back on by the driver.

Brakes are overheating

HDC works in tandem with the brakes in your Land Rover to assist you in regulating your speed. However, if the brakes overheat, like when you drive your Land Rover too hard, a notice stating “System Cooling” will show on the dashboard. During this period, the HDC system will be turned off to allow the brakes to cool and will not be turned back on until the temperature has decreased sufficiently.

In High-Gear

The HDC system is intended for everyday driving. As a result, if you shift into high gear, the HDC will not function. Your system will notify you of this with the message “HDC Not Available in This Gear.” When you shift into a lower gear, the HDC system will reactivate.

Total Failure

If you notice “HDC Fault System Not Available” on your dashboard, you’ll need to get it repaired. This notice informs you that the HDC has failed. Remember, this is a vital function designed to keep you safe. So don’t put off fixing the HDC system.

The HDC system is a delicate measurement tool that can be destroyed by voltage fluctuations in your Land Rover’s electrical systems. As a result, if the battery is low, the alternator malfunctions, your Rover has bad wiring, fuses are blown, or your vehicle has software issues, then the system may fail.

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