Volkswagen is one of the world’s biggest car manufacturers, and they are well known for their durability and impressive fuel economy. Despite its high-reliability ratings and low repair costs, you might still experience some issues with your Volkswagen.

Your Volkswagen has several moving parts working in concert for your vehicle’s smooth running. Over time these components may begin to wear out, affecting other critical parts of the vehicle. Your Volkswagen’s suspension is an integral component of the car. Similarly, the front suspension bushing is one of the most vital pieces of your Volkswagen suspension system. The front suspension bushing plays a significant role in your car’s performance, and its failure can be quite devastating to the other suspension parts.

What is a front suspension bushing?

The suspension bushings are buffers made from rubber, polyurethane, or other materials. They are usually mounted on a car’s suspension and steering joints to absorb road bumps, regulate the amount of movement in the joints, and reduce noise and vibration.

Volkswagen is known for its resiliency and durability. However, front suspension bushes could be easily damaged even before the vehicle reaches 100,000 miles. Drivers must be aware of the common signs and symptoms of front suspension bushing failure in their Volkswagen to protect the other parts of their suspension from damage.

Common Symptoms of Front Suspension Bushing Failure

  • Strange noise: Since the bushing also controls movement in the joints and reduces the vibration of your suspension, you may begin to hear clunking or rattling noises when it fails. The noise may be louder on rough roads or when you make sudden braking. You may also experience poor handling.
  • Pulling to one side when driving: One of the most common signs that you might be experiencing a front suspension failure is when your car starts pulling to one side while driving. If you happen to experience this issue and your tires are correctly inflated, then it is time you check on your bushings.
  • Steering difficulties: If you notice steering difficulties, especially at low speeds, it could indicate an issue with your suspension or power steering. Driving with problematic steering is quite dangerous, so you need to have it checked by a professional as fast as possible.
  • Bumpy ride: The primary function of the suspension bushing is to absorb road bumps. The effect of its failure is that you begin to notice every road bump or imperfection in the vehicle cabin.
  • One side is lower: If you observe that one side of your car appears lower than the others, you may have a worn-out or damaged spring. You might also hear a clunking sound as you drive over bumps or a deep pothole.

Causes of Front Suspension Bushing Failure In Volkswagen

  • Wear and tear: Your Volkswagen suspension bushing makes driving smooth and comfortable. Thus, they are always under constant stress during driving. The bushings begin to wear down as you travel more miles.
  • Accidental damage: The suspension bushings are made of rubber and will begin to wear down over time. Once the bushing starts to deteriorate, it could easily get damaged in trying to work on the suspension. When this happens, you could hear loud clunking sounds.
  • Loose bushings: Your front suspension bushing needs to be well tightened to be strong and functional. If it becomes loose, it would continuously knock into the surrounding metal components creating a clunking sound. If the bushing continues to collide with these components, it is highly possible to get damaged.
  • Excessive speeding: Your driving habits could also impact the longevity of the bushings. If you habitually make sudden shifts or accelerate rapidly, you might be putting a strain on your front suspension bushing. Doing this will loosen the bushing, which can be knocked against other components of your suspension.
  • Bumpy trails: Driving on rough roads puts a huge strain on your suspension and the bushings. As a result of the vibrations and roughness of the driving, the bushings will become damaged due to this constant rattling and instability.

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